Information and downloads related to KS3/4 mathematics.

"Is this a dodecahedron I see before me?" - Warwick Evans and Prof. Bert K. Waits in Koblenz, ICTMT-3, 1997

First some papers and information from recent conferences:

The paper for my talk `The Mathematical Toolkit and other free ICT resources' given at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Annual Mathematics and Computing Conference, Birmingham 15 March 2006 is available for download: Free ICT resources (Word 39 kb), together with a zip of associated files in Sketchpad, Cabri, TI InterActive! etc. SSAT files (Zip 1398 kb). It can be accessed online at the JISC regional centre for London.

An extended version of my talk `New ways to approach traditional topics via ICT' given at the MEI conference, Reading University, 8th July 2005 is available for download: MEI talk (Word 1027 kb), together with a zip of associated files in Sketchpad, Cabri, TI InterActive! etc. MEI files (Zip 1655 kb).

My full paper `Researching with software - CAS, DGS and Cabri 3D' given at the ICTMT-7 conference, Bristol, 26th July is available for download: AO ICTMT paper (Word 314 kb), together with a zip of associated files in Derive, Sketchpad, Cabri 3D, TI InterActive! etc. AO ICTMT files (Zip 1084 kb).

Micromath 21/2 (Summer 2005) contains my article `ICT - bringing maths to life and vice versa' which is available to download asAcrobat (pdf 2157 kb) or Word (doc 1255 kb) files. The paper is the basis of the BCME &NAACE talks.

Mathematics in Schools 34/3 (May 2005) contains my article `Solid geometry and Cabri 3D' which is available as (Word 432Kb) and a zip of the associated files - (cg3 files - 124 Kb).

Many of my discoveries in plane geometry are posted on the MathWorld website, such as the `Gergonne Line' - Eric W. Weisstein. Gergonne Line.From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource: follow this link to: MathWorld .

The DfES announced a number of new initiatives involving the Mathematical Association at the BETT show 2004.  Details appear on the DfES ICT in Schools site.  Adrian's talks in the BETT seminar programme from Jan 2004 can be downloaded from the link below.  The sources of ICT funding for schools, together with advice on how to balance the budget, are contained in my article `What would it take to get ICT established in the maths department', which was the centre-fold in Micromath Vol 20/1 (pdf 193 k). DfES is funding a special edition of Micromath with a CD containing a great deal of free material which will be sent to all English maintained secondary schools in the Autumn.

Some new announcements were made at BETT 2005 on 12th January as well as the launch of subject packs containing new video case studies from KS3/4.  You can order a copy of the DfES Embedding ICT @ Secondary KS3 mathematics pack  from quoting reference DfES/0806/2004.  My maths/ICT seminar talk from 14th Jan 2005 can be downloaded from the link below.  Ruth Kelly, Minister of Sate for Education at DfES announced the rebirth of ESTUICT = On-line CPD in using ICT by KS3 maths teachers.  Most of the materials, and some video case studies, were made available free to schools and to initial teacher trainers/trainees towards the end of 2005 through TeacherNet.  The maths materials were available through the Mathematics Consortium - a partnership between the Mathematical Association, University College Chichester and Plato Learning.  E-Learning credits are still available for use with Curriculum Online: £75m from April 2006, to be spent by 31st August 2007, and £50m from April 2007, to be spent by 31st August 2008.

The MA organised TTA ICT workshops for secondary maths ITT tutors and mentors in March 2004 in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and London - download my plenary (Word 40k)

I gave sessions at the Specialist Schools Trust mathematics conference, Cambridge April 2nd 2004 (download my paper - Word 1.2 Mb) as well as ATM, Loughborough April 7th and MA, York April 15th (download ATM/MA paper - Word 956k) .

Cabri 3D was launched at the CabriWorld2004 conference in Rome in September 2004 - download my survey `Solid Geometry and Cabri 3D' - (Word 432Kb) and a zip of the associated files - (cg3 files - 124 Kb). Download my seminar papers `Cabri geometry and digital images in bringing geometry to life, and life to mathematics' (Word 674 Kb) and `Some remarkable geometry - 2D and 3D - ancient and modern' (Word - 262 Kb) Also zips of associated Cabri II Plus files 925 Kb and JPEG images 983 Kb.

Some papers to download:

BETT seminar talk updated (Surrey HoDs, NAACE, NAMA, BCME) 14th Jan 2005 (Word 1.25Mb)

ICT & Maths: a revised guide to learning & teaching maths 11-19, DfES/MA, July 2004 (Word 2.2Mb)

ICT bringing advanced mathematics to life, T3 New Orleans, Mar 2004 (Word 1220Kb)

ICT bringing algebra & geometry to life, IMECT3, Cambridge, July 2002 (Word 479Kb)

BETT seminar talk, 9th Jan 2004 (Word 558Kb)

Becta book: Data-capture and modelling in mathematics and science (pdf 395Kb)

Information sheet (4pp) of current developments and links:

KS3 Info sheet, July 2003 (Word 88Kb)

Year 9 Lesson plans in algebra using still and video images to explore quadratic graphs:

Lesson 1, still images, Jan 2003 (Word 297Kb)

Lesson 2, video clips, Jan 2003 (Word 61Kb)

Supporting materials for these lessons including jpg and avi files:

Lesson 1, still images, Jan 2003 (Zip 584Kb)

Lesson 2, video clips, Jan 2003 (Zip 525Kb)

Year 8, supporting materials for data-handling:

Collars and cuffs, Jan 2003 (pdf 70Kb)

Files to support geometry, Ma3, in the KS3 Framework -

included on CD-ROM with ATM's Micromath Vol 18/3 Autumn 2002

Cabri II files, Nov 2002 (Zip 160Kb)

Sketchpad 4 files, Nov 2002 (Zip 162Kb)

Supporting documents, Nov 2002 (Zip 639Kb)


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