Downloads related to modelling with images.

Royal Society/JMC geometry 11-19 report Appendices 10 and 13:

Appendix 10, Applications of Geometry, July 2001 (pdf 498Kb)

Appendix 13, Integrated approaches, July 2001 (pdf 376Kb)

Articles from ATM's Micromath Vol 19/2 Summer 2003:

Geometric and algebraic modelling with dynamic geometry (pdf 1287Kb)

Mathematics from still and video images (pdf 846Kb)

Article from IMA's Teaching Mathematics and its Application (draft) :

What a picture (pdf 169Kb)

Plenary paper at ITEM conference Reims June 21 2003

Modelling from images in Sketchpad and Cabri (Word 662Kb)

Some jpeg images for modelling - bridges, fountain, arch.....

Jpeg image, Aug 2003 (Zip 627Kb)

Some sample Geometer's Sketchpad files:

Sketchpad 4 files, Aug 2003 (Zip 1761Kb)

Some sample Cabri II Plus files:

Cabri II Plus files, Aug 2003 (Zip 245Kb)


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