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 Teaching Mathematics and its Applications journal

An extended version of my talk `New ways to approach traditional topics via ICT' given at the MEI conference, Reading University, 8th July 2005 is available for download: MEI talk (Word 1027 kb), together with a zip of associated files in Sketchpad, Cabri, TI InterActive! etc. MEI files (Zip 1655 kb). It was published as an article in the MA's Mathematics In School journal, Sept 2006, Vol 35 - download the (pdf 2182 kb).

My full paper `Researching with software - CAS, DGS and Cabri 3D' given at the ICTMT-7 conference, Bristol, 26th July is available for download: AO ICTMT paper (Word 314 kb), together with a zip of associated files in Derive, Sketchpad, Cabri 3D, TI InterActive! etc. AO ICTMT files (Zip 1084 kb).

The Southampton Further Maths Network has mounted a 2-day course in Jan/Feb 2007 based on ideas for teaching calculus. We worked on an article called a "Tale of two cheeses" which was printed in the Nuffield Advanced Mathematics Reader some years ago. You can download the Word document here (40k Word). Also an Excel file giving some attempts at solution (116k Excel). There are TI InterActive! files for each of the 5 chapters Chap 1, 609k Chap 2, 527k Chap 3, 178k Chap 4, 405k Chap 5, 274k. These are also available as html files: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 and as rtf files: Chap 1, 277k, Chap 2, 325k, Chap 3, 51k, Chap 4, 101k, Chap 5, 75k.

Another activity concerns cutting out a sector from a circle to form a cone. There is an article from The Mathematical Gazette you can download: Word 628kb. A different kind of problem comes from an article from Teaching Mathematics and Its Application which you can also download: Pdf 1147kb.


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